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Career Planning and Placement

Emerge Education is proud to offer a customized, cost-effective career developmentĀ and job placement service for colleges of all sizes, with no direct out-of-pocket costs to the student. We work with hundreds of businesses in your community as well as the nation’s leading career and staffing agencies. Emerge helps your institution set up a local employment network consisting of nearly every hospital, school district, law enforcement agency and medium to large business in your area. Our career planners undergo extensive training and must complete annual professional development hours through the National Career Development Association.

We offer this service because we believe every student deserves to be prepared to find a job in their field and we also believe colleges and universities should be provided the tools necessary to make this a reality.

Step 1: Initial Interview for Traditional and Adult/Online Students:

New college students (traditional, adult and online) receive an in-depth interview in their first term focusing on their chosen major, desired location of employment, first year salary expectations and the projected local and national employment trends in their field.

Step 2: Building the Resume/Portfolio:

We start working with your students as soon as possible. We understand the longer your students have to start planning their career, the better chance they have to land their dream job right after graduation. We work with your students in their first term and begin to develop a portfolio of experience based on prior work history, volunteer activities, internships and demonstrated technical skills.

Step 3: Pre/Post-Graduation Job Search

We help coordinate an aggressive job search campaign for EVERY graduate! We will work directly with the nation’s leading staffing agencies as well as local hospitals, school districts, law enforcement departments and large businesses. We cannot guarantee success for every graduate, but we can guarantee a level of support unlike anything in higher education.

Step 4: Outcomes Assessment and Tracking

We work with your institution to monitor the progress of your graduates for up to one full year after graduation. Through surveys, check-in calls and email reminders our Career Planners keep track of the studentā€™s progress and we will send you quarterly updates for your records.

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Gemma Gibson

Vice President for Business Development

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