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Accelium North America is Emerge’s preeminent method of developing strategic thinking skills, self awareness, focus and persistence, using strategy games. Based on a scientifically proven methodology and adopted in over 15 countries by more than 4,000,000 learners, our unique learning process blends traditional learning, personal coaching and state of the art mobile learning.
We have been introducing people to this powerful program in two ways: Accelium Project and Accelium Pro. Accelium Project is the perfect tool for fostering excitement in learning for students grade 4-6. Accelium Pro is a game changer for the way in which businesses can bridge the skills gaps in their staff and create an engaging and creative work environment.

Accelium Pro teaches professionals to use game strategy at work. It exposes powerful methods for analysis, problem solving, and decision making. Through a fun, reflective learning process that uses various strategy games, Accelium Pro develops strategic thinking skills.

Accelium Pro offers the following:
Accelium Talent – An innovative assessment tool that evaluates participants’ skills in a fast and engaging way, providing specific insights on each individual. The system analyzes participants’ problem-solving paths and the decisions they make in the games, characterizing their thinking patterns and operational style. Accelium Talent gives learners a sense of progress and allows them to analyze their strengths and weaknesses.

Management Workshops – Accelium Pro’s workshops are the heart of the program, where participants can truly boost their strategic thinking. Workshops exercise collaboration and communication skills, and expose participants to different problem-solving perspectives. Certified Accelium facilitators help them transfer concepts to their professional world, and put theory in a meaningful context through constructive discussion.

Executive Coaching – Accelium 1-on-1 coaching sessions offer professionals a chance to critically review and refine their thinking process with the help of a senior personal coach. Top managers get an opportunity to clarify their strategic analysis, to analyze the specific challenges they’re facing, and truly make our method a part of their personal problem-solving vocabulary.

Lessons – The sessions in the Accelium Project are structured so that learning is easy and fun, yet it challenges students to expand their thinking and work together. Every lesson gives students a practical tool for their mental toolbox that is transferred to real-life situations and various school disciplines.

Students are provided with extended assignments for at home practice. The program also includes Accelium Score to review students before and after completing the project, as well as an evaluation after the final lesson. The comprehensive artificial intelligence used in our system makes sure that no individual experience is too hard or too easy.

Teacher Training – The two-day training course can take place on-site or online (via webinars). The training is fun and empowering; it develops teachers’ mediation skills and familiarizes them with our technology. Teachers experience an Accelium lesson the same way young students do, with the facilitator modelling the role of the teacher-mediator. Then they are taught how to convey the method to their students. Teachers are given all materials – including lesson scripts – needed to easily teach the program.

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