Online Program Management

Meet the new way to manage your online programs.

For full-service partners, we handle all the business related strategies detailed below for the partner institution, allowing them to focus on what they do best: educating students. We will invest our company resources into lead generation, marketing and recruiting for your online programs, taking your institution to places it has never been before. More students, more revenue, and less expense – the ultimate online higher education partnership solution.

Faculty Support
Every school recognizes the need for having dynamic faculty members on their campuses, but we see many online schools that don’t recognize that great faculty members are just as important in the online space. Emerge provides friendly, effective training and on-demand support for your faculty and staff that will raise student satisfaction and retention rates.

Instructional Design
Emerge Education believes that a successful online program must include courses that offer an academic experience that is efficient, effective and engaging. Emerge provides faculty with comprehensive online support, allowing them to develop courses in the tools with which they are familiar. Our team has extensive experience helping faculty develop interactive and interesting courses with clear learning outcomes.

Learning Management System
Your Learning Management System (LMS) should be a solution, not a problem. Emerge offers LMS consulting, solutions, and services that are engineered specifically to meet the demands of the online learning environment with both the end user and instructor experiences in mind.

Market Research & Analysis
Our team relies heavily on data to drive all marketing strategies. We first identify what makes your institution stand out in the marketplace and your target student demographic. Based on that information, we build a unique plan that effectively positions your online programs so that they reach the appropriate audience.

The admissions environment in higher education is evolving rapidly and growing more competitive every semester. Enrollment leaders today need to make data-driven decisions, track ROI, and build effective recruiting practices. Emerge will build a successful admission strategy unique to your institution, goals and needs. We assign a dedicated recruiter to your institution and train them to represent your college and brand. Our team contacts leads within the first 120 seconds of becoming a lead.

Strategic Marketing
A well-functioning lead generation and marketing strategy is the most critical – and often most expensive – component to ensuring the on-going success of your online programs. We invest our company resources and lead generation expertise into your online programs to bring about stable, organic growth. Every advertisement and piece of collateral that we create on your behalf is first approved by you to ensure the consistency of your brand.

Student Retention
One of the biggest challenges our partners face is retaining their online students. Emerge Education works proactively with our college and university partners to develop and support retention strategies and practices that lead to student success and increased revenue. We have a dedicated retention specialist that works with your students from the time they enroll until the time that they graduate to ensure that the student achieves their educational goals.

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