Strategic Partners

Emerge is dedicated to meeting the needs of their clients and is always looking for innovative partners that will add to the already diverse portfolio of services and solutions that Emerge has to offer.  Emerge is pleased to be partnering with the following companies.

Emerge Education has partnered with Vena Solutions to provide institutions with an award-winning technology that leverages the best of Excel and your current enterprise-class solution to automate key financial reporting processes to increase efficiency and control at the same time reducing the likelihood of error.

Vena is an easy-to-deploy, intuitive, web-based application designed to manage your Finance and Accounting processes, including your financial and management reporting requirements. With Vena, your institution’s finance team will:

  • Save time
  • Make better business decisions
  • Save money
  • Gain peace of mind

Click here to learn more about Vena Solutions.

Blackford Ventures


Blackford Ventures, LLC is a private equity firm based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Blackford invests in successful, growth-oriented businesses that desire to maximize market potential. Blackford also provides private and public entities with access to capital.

Emerge is partnering with Blackford to provide the same level of business excellence and financial opportunity to higher education institutions through the lease-leaseback model.

Institutions can liberate their equity to:

  • Quickly increase cash flow
  • Create an internal line of credit
  • Refinance existing loans
  • Build new facilities
  • Launch new programs

To learn more about creating strategic margin in higher education, download our white paper.


Ridge Global was founded by Tom Ridge, two-time governor of Pennsylvania and the first U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security. Gov. Ridge has assembled a team of world-class experts who help their clients develop strategies to identify, prepare for, and mitigate cyber risk.

Emerge has partnered with Ridge Global Education (RGE) to provide institutions with access to RGE’s cyber and homeland security experts to enhance existing curriculum or to create new programs. Emerge is also working with RGE to bring their expertise to businesses and associations that will educate business and community leaders to ensure their organizations and communities are prepared for any eventuality.

Emerge Education, LLC has been named a Google Partner. In order to become a Google Partner, an organization must demonstrate Google AdWords skill and expertise, meet a daily advertising spend over a specified period of time, exceed performance standards set forth by Google, deliver agency, and client revenue growth, while growing their client base.

This accolade not only signifies Emerge Education’s experience in the field of digital advertising, but also Emerge’s capability to reach audiences efficiently and effectively. As a Google Partner, Emerge will have access to the newest features and tools within AdWords, which will allow them to stay on the forefront of digital advertising.

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