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From surviving to thriving in the digital space.

An online institution in today’s competitive environment cannot survive without an online lead generation strategy and digital presence. Any marketing firm can generate more leads. The key in online higher education is to generate high-quality, low-cost leads. We harness the power of the latest digital channels to help exceed your lead and enrollment goals.

We build a custom marketing strategy for our partner institutions that contains a unique mix of the following lead generation elements:

Conversion Rate Optimization: You’re already getting prospective student traffic to your site. We begin by analyzing this traffic and developing tactics to convert more of these users into leads. Our user experience strategy optimizes your website elements (content messaging, ease of navigation, calls to action, etc) with the goal of enhancing prospective students’ interaction with your website and converting more leads.

  • Maximize your existing web traffic
  • Optimize contact forms on top level landing and program pages
  • Streamline lead submission and application processes
  • Convert a higher percentage of prospective students
  • Provide recommendations for enhancing website content

Search Engine Optimization: Organic search is the source of the highest-quality, lowest-cost leads in higher education. We take a holistic approach to SEO. In addition to optimizing your site, we help attract prospective students away from the competition by improving your site’s content, tracking abilities, lead submission forms and user experience. The result of all this improved traffic to your site: an increase in the most qualified leads available in the digital space.

Why SEO Matters

  • 31% of users click on the first organic search result
  • 68% of users click on results 1-5 of organic search results
  • 6% of users ever move past the first page (results 1-10)

Paid Search Strategy: Many institutions rely solely on traditional types of advertising to generate leads – radio, print, outdoor, etc. While these channels have their place in the marketing mix, an online institution cannot sustain growth without competing in paid search; specifically, Pay Per Click. We market your institution where the majority of prospective students begin their college search – the search engine. We monitor your campaigns daily, report on data and goals, and then use those key data insights to feed back into our campaign strategy.

  • Allows for specific targeting based key words, geographic locations, time of day, etc
  • We typically achieve conversion rates (lead-to-enroll) in the range of 8-12%
  • Requires constant monitoring to avoid overpaying.


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