An institution in today’s competitive online education environment cannot survive without an effective digital lead generation strategy and presence.

"Emerge has a wealth of proven success in assisting their clients. In other words, they are performance driven to the benefit of their clients. They are honest and there need be no worries about the integrity or ethics of the firm, its principals or its staff. They are extremely customer service oriented. They understand the true spirit of partnership and how important it is to be focused on quality and flexibility. I endorse them highly."

Find out why so many of our lead generation clients stay with us.

Thomas P. Jandris, PhD

Senior VP for Innovation & 

Dean, College of Graduate & Innovative Programs

Concordia University Chicago


The key in online higher education is to generate high-quality, low-cost leads.

We identify keywords for your institution to inform content requirements for your landing pages and marketing activities.

Social Media

Search Engine Optimization

The top 3 paid ad spots get 46% of the clicks on the page.

Only 1% of people go to the second page of search results.

Paid ads that exactly match searcher intent have twice as many chances to be seen and are eight times more likely to be clicked.

Emerge utilizes a variety of social media channels to connect with students and will tailor the messaging to best serve your online degree programs.

James M. Hunter, PhD

Senior VP for Business Development Chief Academic Officer

Emerge Education, LLC


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