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We ensure your institution starts with the right information to launch the right programs at the right time.

We help institutions make informed, data-driven decisions for the success of their online programs.

Emerge ensures the market viability of your online programs through market research and program assessments in 5 key areas: degree demand, search volume, occupational demand, competitor landscape, and identification of future opportunities.


Emerge compiles and analyzes the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) data for the past five years to determine the number of degrees conferred and degree growth at both the national and regional levels. Top producers in each degree category will be identified and their programs will be analyzed to identify their competitive advantages.


We compile and analyze the average monthly search volume in Google for keywords related to each program. This analysis will determine the level of demand by prospective students as well as prominent search terms and nomenclature used by the target audience.


We compile occupational sets from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for each degree program to include the following: employment levels, projected occupational growth, median salaries, educational attainment, job titles, skills, and employers, where possible, at both the national and regional levels.


We develop a list of up to 20 competitor institutions that offer online programs comparable to your selected programs. Emerge will compile data for each program to include degree title, specializations, program length, cost, professional accreditation, prerequisite requirements, and admission requirements.


We utilize existing research on high-potential programs to identify future online program opportunities for your institution, which will be prioritized based on the strength of each opportunity.

"Emerge's market research, which was conducted in advance of our online MBA launch was very thorough and informative. It was useful, both in our consideration and choice of a program partner and in some of our program design decisions. Their research was instrumental in our selection of areas for specialization that were highly in demand and provided a competitive edge for our online MBA program."

MBA Director, Information Management & Business Analytics

Montclair State University - Feliciano School of Business

Nicole Koppel, PhD


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James M. Hunter, PhD

Senior VP for Business Development

Chief Academic Officer

Emerge Education

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