Fishtree Announces New Partnership with Concordia University Chicago

Offering Adaptive Online Learning Environment and Curriculum for Educators

Fishtree Inc., a global leader in education technology, announced today a partnership with Concordia University Chicago to develop a series of courses (with the potential of offering a complete graduate degree program) using the innovative Fishtree adaptive learning platform. The entire series of courses on online teaching and learning and competency-based education would be developed utilizing the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) online teaching and course design standards. 

November 11, 2015 – WASHINGTON, DC – Fishtree Inc., a global leader in education technology, announced today a partnership with Concordia University Chicago to develop a series of courses (with the potential of offering a complete graduate degree program) using the innovative Fishtree adaptive learning platform. The entire series of courses on online teaching and learning and competency-based education would be developed utilizing the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) online teaching and course design standards.

The new partnership will leverage Fishtree’s award-winning learning platform that enables personalized one-toone instruction through innovative analytics to deliver Concordia-Chicago’s curriculum in an engaging online environment.

“Fishtree’s next generation learning platform offers a new development in learning analytics that can facilitate the personalization process,” noted Terry Nealon, founder and CEO. “By enabling adaptive instruction, the analytics not only aid in scaling one-to-one instruction and providing insight into student achievement, but in supporting and developing student self-evaluation, collaboration, critical thinking, and independent learning.”

The project between Fishtree and Concordia will consist of the development and implementation of self-paced, instructor-facilitated courses in online teaching and learning and competency-based education. The courses will be developed using the research-based iNACOL standards of quality online teaching and course design. Students in the courses will not only learn about quality online and competency-based education but will experience it through the new Fishtree adaptive learning platform.

Specifically, these courses will demonstrate how a standards-based, adaptive learning platform can support instructional strategies and learning outcomes inherent in online teaching and learning.

The Fishtree system allows assessments to be taken by students on an objective-by-objective basis. The system guides the student through the process in a very simple and leading manner. Once an objective has been successfully passed, the next objective will appear, allowing the student to advance. If a student fails to pass the score threshold (specified by the teacher), he/she is automatically re-assessed, and provided with personalized resources to help reach the learning objective. The teacher is involved in the entire process with the ability to view the resources each student uses to complete an assignment, and an option to re-assess any number of students at scale, with one click.

“Fishtree is a company which has finally solved the challenge of scaling personalized learning,” noted Tom Jandris, Dean of the College of Graduate and Innovative Programs at Concordia University of Chicago. “After spending nearly 40 years researching and advocating for adaptive strategies and solutions, I am thrilled to have discovered Fishtree. It delivers on our vision for using technology to attend to the learning needs of every student. Through its highly intuitive UI, and its ability to support a focus on competencies, it is the complete technology solution to make possible the ‘mass customization’ of education. I am excited about our partnership!”

About Fishtree
Fishtree is a 21st century learning platform that enables education technology providers to adapt curriculum to each educator and student’s needs. By combining standard-aligned resources and social media-based tools with world-class analytics, Fishtree offers scaled one-to-one instruction that adapts to each learning environment and experience. Fishtree’s award winning platform makes every learning environment adaptive, allows lessons to be created easily from millions of resources, aligned to competencies or standards, and personalized for every learner. To learn more and get access to the system, visit

About Concordia University Chicago
Founded in 1864, Concordia University Chicago is a comprehensive liberal arts-based Christian university in the Lutheran tradition. Through its College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business, College of Education, and College of Graduate and Innovative Programs, Concordia-Chicago offers more than 100 areas of study in small classes taught by professors who are passionate about teaching and student success. Concordia-Chicago equips men and women to serve and lead with integrity, creativity, competence and compassion in a diverse, interconnected and increasingly urbanized church and world. More than 5,000 full-time undergraduate and graduate students are enrolled at Concordia-Chicago, located 10 miles west of downtown Chicago in River Forest. For more information on Concordia University Chicago visit the university’s web site at

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