Physical Security for 

Higher Education

Protect your institution against financial and reputational risks in the event of physical security threats including active shooter situations and acts of terrorism.

Emerge Education

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It’s a sad fact that our nation’s higher-education campuses must contend with the threat of crime and violence every day.

Coverages provided:

 Theft & Vandalism

Active Shooter Situations

 Terrorist Threats

Other Malicious Actors

We provide insurance protection for institutions against active shooter and terrorist threats, or other malicious actors. The program provides preemptive risk assessments, crisis response and coordination support, as well as first dollar liability coverage. The program also provides coverage for business interruption costs as a result of the event, including physical damage costs, and lost revenues due to loss of attraction due to an event.

Via Emerge, university networks and colleges can leverage their economies of scale and opt into risk pools for this line of coverage. This reduces the cost of insurance and extends protection.

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