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Institutions of higher education are among the most highly targeted by cyber criminals. Our unique cyber solutions protect the institution against data breaches, intrusions, ransomware or other malicious actors. Coverage provides liability protection, reputational and crisis management support as well as breach response and forensic investigation services. 

The Emerge programs are highly customizable and can be tailored to meet the unique needs of specific institutions.

We provide insurance protection for institutions against active shooter and terrorist threats, or other malicious actors. The program provides preemptive risk assessments, crisis response and coordination support, as well as first dollar liability coverage. The program also provides coverage for business interruption costs as a result of the event, including physical damage costs, and lost revenues due to loss of attraction due to an event.

Via Emerge, university networks and colleges can leverage their economies of scale and opt into risk pools for this line of coverage. This reduces the cost of insurance and extends protection.

Designed to help institutions differentiate themselves and attract new students, this program provides students with up to four semesters of tuition costs and associated fees in the event a parent or tuition payer becomes unable to maintain payments or has passed away. The plan also reimburses costs associated with withdrawal of the student due to illness or medical reasons. 

International Programs

Designed to help institutions differentiate themselves through fostering unique learning experiences abroad, whether for an individual or a group, our suite of international solutions enable protection against accidental injury, kidnap and ransom, emergency evacuations in the event of political risks, weather-related events, as well as medical emergencies. 

The program also covers loss of personal property all under a single policy, helping to streamline administration and avoid potential claims issues via different conflicting coverages.

As a leading education services provider, Emerge Education has partnered with Risk Cooperative and Ridge Global to offer a wide range of customized risk-transfer solutions tailored for the needs of institutions of higher learning, students, and other key stakeholders.

This unique partnership is designed to help institutions address the shifting risk landscape and improve organizational resiliency in an era of great risk uncertainty, as well as intensifying competition for student enrollment and retention.

We will help to better manage enterprise risk, offer value-added solutions that differentiate the student experience, and enable leaders to reduce the total cost of risk (TCOR) to the institution.

Emerge Education is offering customized solutions to fit your needs:

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