Tuition Protection

 for Higher Education

Provide students with the means to continue their educational careers in the event of loss or other qualifying life-changing events.

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Tuition Protection reduces the financial risk inherent in the investment in higher education by refunding lost tuition, academic fees and other related expenses should a student be forced to withdraw due to:

Illness or Medical Reasons



Loss of


College is one of the largest investments a family will make, however, it often goes unprotected. If a student is forced to withdraw from school for medical reasons, your family could face serious financial repercussions if your school's tuition refund policy does not apply to the withdrawal's unique circumstance and timing.

Designed to help institutions differentiate themselves and attract new students, this program provides students with up to four semesters of tuition costs and associated fees in the event a parent or tuition payer becomes unable to maintain payments or has passed away. The plan also reimburses costs associated with withdrawal of the student due to illness or medical reasons.

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