Vena Solutions: Program Accreditation and Assessment


Emerge Education has partnered with Vena Solutions to provide institutions with an award-winning technology that leverages the best of Microsoft Excel and your current enterprise-class solution to automate key academic reporting processes to increase efficiency and reduce error.

Vena’s approach to program accreditation is simple; provide a flexible, agile tool that allows programs and faculty members to continue using their existing templates and reports. Vena embraces any assessment data, including rubrics and scorecards, to produce accreditation and continuous improvement reports.

How you and your institution benefits with Vena:

Data gathering and approvals

  • Vena standardizes data collection, and offers full flexibility to configure templates as required
  • Data collection at a level more granular than required by accrediting organizations
  • Capture student assessment data, faculty credentials, and any other supporting documentation
  • Managers can drag-and-drop the user workflow process
  • Entire process is documented, audit-able, and repeatable

Data validation and audits

  • All changes are tracked in the system and can be audited at any time
  • Full cell-by-cell audit comparison of data changes and their impact from one save to another
  • In-template validation rules to ensure proper and accurate data collected from end-users
  • Vena fully supports user comments and file attachments on any workflow submissions</>

Report Creation

  • Vena fully supports the creation of final self-study, interim, or quality assurance reports for submission to accrediting agencies
  • All report fields can be mapped to any source system including SIS, HRIS, CMS, and LMS datastores
  • Approved data is automatically populated into the report using Vena’s intuitive report building wizard
  • Automate all required qualitative summaries to ensure accurate reconciliation of figures and commentary prior to submission

More effective collaboration = less risk

  • Collaborating through email is time-consuming and the lack of version control can lead to errors
  • Divide processes into a series of repeatable steps, each of which can be associated with a user, due date(s), and instructions
  • Leverage the workflow engine to monitor tasks through to completion for maximum insight into curriculum improvement
  • Full audit trail that records user activity (who did what, when) in an easy-to-read log

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