The Accreditation Committee Has Spoken, Now What?

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Our former SACSCOC trustee discloses common pitfalls when responding to committee recommendations.

Typically, every accreditation/reaffirmation review results in recommendations from a committee. In fact, there has never been an institution that did not receive a recommendation from an Off-Site Committee in SACSCOC. In many cases, institutional responses are found lacking in several vital areas. These areas include a lack of proper documentation, failure to follow the prescribed format, ignoring the specific requests made by the Committee related to the follow-up request, narratives that lack focus, and a failure to comprehend the meaning of the recommendation. All of these cases point to a lack of experience with the process established by the Commission.

Inadequate or incomplete responses may result in several consequences to include Monitoring Reports that may be required for a period of several years or severe public sanctions such as being placed on Warning or Probation. These results may burden faculty and staff for several years. In some cases, institutions simply cannot respond quickly enough due to lack of experience or they may simply fail to take the process seriously.

Emerge Education can assist your institution at this critical stage in writing Focused Reports in a timely manner. These reports are often written on compressed schedules and our expertise allows for a quick and complete response. Our firm is familiar with the required response format, working on tight timelines with numerous recommendations, and has a track record of success. Our goal is to assist you in avoiding cumbersome Monitoring Reports and Public Sanctions.

Dr. William B. Drake, Jr. our Senior Vice President of Accreditation is a former SACSCOC Trustee and College President who has chaired many accreditation and reaffirmation committees and has reviewed and written dozens of Focused Reports. Emerge wants to assist you with this critical report to help your institution adhere to the required timeline and avoid unintended consequences.

Be proactive and work with our expert who knows how to develop a response plan that will satisfy  SACSCOC and allow your faculty and staff to return to focusing on what they do best: the education of students.

Already received the committee’s recommendations? Call us, our expertise allows us to respond quickly and knowledgably to keep your institution on track. Our writing and editing expertise is available to you to review your responses for maximum clarity and completeness.

Dr. William B. Drake
Senior VP for Accreditation

Emerge’s accreditation preparedness audit & consulting team is led by Dr. Drake, a former SACSCOC Trustee, and College President who has chaired and served on over 27 SACSCOC Committees and 15 National Accreditation Committees.

James M. Hunter, PhD
Chief Academic Officer
Executive Vice President for Business Development

Jim has 20 years of experience at the administration level within higher education institutions. He now uses that experience to help connect higher education institutions with solutions that allow them to move from surviving to thriving as the Chief Academic Officer and Executive Vice President for Business Development at Emerge Education.