Accreditation review? Public Sanction? Relax!

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Our former SACSCOC trustee discloses the two most important things to remember when securing accreditation.

Most companies and institutions tend to focus on what they do best–and for good reason. However, when it comes to preparing for a SACSCOC committee review, it is essential that institutions identify and address challenge areas early in the process, before the formal reaffirmation committee review.

The two most important things to remember when securing SACSCOC accreditation are: be proactive, and ease the burden placed on faculty and staff throughout the process.

Be proactive. Institutions should begin preparing for SACSCOC committee review 2-3 years in advance. It is essential that staff involved in the review are familiar with the entire accreditation processes in order to adequately prepare for success.

Ease the burden on staff. Most institutions do not have dedicated accreditation staff which means the responsibility falls on faculty, administrators and staff to facilitate the process. This means that a substantial amount of time is spent away from students. A support system should be established to ease the burden borne by staff members in order to balance the cumbersome workload of all involved parties.

Because we understand the strain that preparing for accreditation and reaffirmation review places on institutions, Emerge is pleased to offer accreditation review auditing and consulting services for higher education institutions. Our former SACSOC trustee experts are well-versed in all aspects of the process. We conduct comprehensive reviews, identify any areas of concern and provide a detailed plan to ensure compliance. Let our former SACSCOC trustees take the lead on helping your institution prepare for committee review.  Our experts know what the committee requires and what it takes to ensure all standards are met.

Contact Jim Hunter today to schedule your accreditation audit and let our experts guide you through each step of the process allowing you to focus on what you do best: educating students.

James M. Hunter, PhD
Chief Academic Officer
Executive Vice President for Business Development

Jim has 20 years of experience at the administration level within higher education institutions. He now uses that experience to help connect higher ed institutions with solutions that allow them to move from surviving to thriving as the Chief Academic Officer and Executive Vice President for Business Development at Emerge Education.

Dr. William B. Drake
Senior VP for Accreditation
Emerge’s accreditation preparedness audit & consulting team is led by Dr. Drake, a former SACSCOC Trustee, and College President who has chaired and served on over 27 SACSCOC Committees and 15 National Accreditation Committees.