Fee-For-Service Options Colleges and universities continually seek to contract
with Emerge to assist them in achieving or exceeding
their enrollment goals through lead generation, market
research, and call center support.

Emerge understands that not every institution needs a full-service OPM provider. Our mission is to bring exceptional services and solutions to the higher education market to best meet the unique needs for each institution.

8 Proven Strategies to Boost Enrollment

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Call Center

Don’t lose out on new students! If you don’t connect with them quickly, someone else will!

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Turn old, unconverted leads into new students!

With over 50 years combined experience in student enrollment and support, our management team is proud to say we have helped thousands of students realize their dream of earning a college degree.

We use our “speed to lead” contact strategy with colleges all over the country, from New England to Southern California and we understand how important first contact is to achieving and exceeding your enrollment goals.

“Speed to Lead”
First call and personalized email within minutes, NOT hours, after a prospective student requests information.
Our conversion rates are up to 4x Higher if prospective students are reached within the first 24 hours.
Emerge averages an 80% contact success rate!

Lead Generation

What would a 20% lead to application rate mean for your institution?

We consider many important factors when developing and maintaining an institution’s site for enrollment marketing purposes.


Keyword and competitive research and insight from SEM activity


The single biggest factor in SEO rankings with search engines

Social Media & In-Bound links

Link quality and quantity are two of the most critical components to a well-optimized site.

Page Optimization

Built to maximize SEO scores to ensure your site ranks higher in organic search results for the terms that we target, driving more qualified prospects to your site.


SEO can take months to build by itself, but performance can be increased more quickly in conjunction with SEM activities

Our process is completely transparent and will always involve your key stakeholders. We work closely with you from discovery to program launch. We also provide detailed marketing reports and dashboards to track and evaluate our success together.


The top 3 paid ad spots get 46% of the clicks on the page.

Only 1% of people go to the second page of search results.

Paid ads that exactly match searcher intent have twice as many chances to be seen and are eight times more likely to be clicked.

Search Engine Optimization

Any marketing firm can generate more leads. The key in online higher education is to generate high-quality, low-cost leads.

Social Media

Emerge utilizes a variety of social media channels to connect with students and will tailor the messaging to best serve your institution.


Lead Generation Case Study:

Concordia University Chicago

Market Research


Emerge compiles and analyzes the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) data for the past five years to determine the number of degrees conferred and degree growth at both the national and regional levels. Top producers in each degree category will be identified and their programs will be analyzed to identify their competitive advantages.


We compile and analyze the average monthly search volume in Google for keywords related to each program. This analysis will determine the level of demand by prospective students as well as prominent search terms and nomenclature used by the target audience.


We compile occupational sets from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for each degree program to include the following: employment levels, projected occupational growth, median salaries, educational attainment, job titles, skills, and employers, where possible, at both the national and regional levels.


We develop a list of up to 20 competitor institutions that offer online programs comparable to your selected programs. Emerge will compile data for each program to include degree title, specializations, program length, cost, professional accreditation, prerequisite requirements, and admission requirements.


We utilize existing research on high-potential programs to identify future online program opportunities for your institution, which will be prioritized based on the strength of each opportunity.


Find out how our market research can help your institution launch the right programs at the right time.

Meet one of our experts

Ms. Tufford is a 20-year veteran of market research. She has worked with more than 75 universities, in the U.S. and abroad, and delivered more than 350 market viability studies, online program portfolio reviews, and online degree competitive analyses to improve the performance of new and existing online degree programs. She has also worked closely with faculty and administrators inside institutions to help them achieve their goals of delivering high-performing online programs.

Prior to entering the education industry, Michelle worked for 15 years at a Fortune 100 financial services company where she was responsible for new product development, customer engagement, and brand/advertising research.

Launch your programs with confidence!

Emerge has provided their clients with invaluable market research reports for online & on-campus degree programs for all levels of higher education across the country.

To learn more about specific areas of expertise please contact us for more information and we would be happy to provide sample reports for you to review.