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Don’t hope you get more students next semester. With Emerge as your OPM partner, you can rest easy knowing we will bring the students to you.

Emerge believes that maintaining the

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We offer clients an innovative way to manage their online programs. We handle all the business-related strategies that are inherent to an institutions’ success with online programs. This allows our partners to focus on what they do best: educating students.

We invest our company resources into market research, lead generation, student recruitment, and student retention for online programs, taking institutions far beyond their expectations.

We have assembled an experienced team to build lasting partnerships that enable our university partners to expand their educational reach through relevant, revenue-generating online programs.

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With Emerge as your OPM partner, you can expect unparalleled commitment and proven strategies to increase enrollments and long-term revenue for your online programs.

Market Research

Emerge ensures the market viability of your online programs through market research and program assessments in 5 key areas: degree demand, search volume, occupational demand, competitor landscape, and identification of future opportunities.

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Find out how Emerge helps institutions make informed, data-driven decisions for the success of their online programs.

Lead Generation

An online institution in today’s competitive environment cannot survive without an online lead generation strategy and digital presence. As a certified Google Partner, Emerge has a proven track record of success in developing and managing digital marketing campaigns.

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Student Recruitment

Many of the challenges our clients face, related to student recruitment, stem from either low lead quantity or low lead quality.

Emerge will develop a unique strategy for your programs to attract and retain the “right” student through a unique, proven, and data-driven lead generation strategy.

The admissions environment in higher education has changed dramatically over the past decade and continues to evolve rapidly.

Enrollment leaders today face ever-increasing pressures and must make timely data-driven decisions, track return-on-investment, and build more effective recruiting practices.

Worry-Free Recruitment

With Emerge as your OPM partner, you can expect unparralled commitment and proven strategies to increase enrollments and long-term revenue for your online programs.

The reality of the recruitment environment today is that if your institution fails to make immediate contact with their interested student leads, someone else will.

Our philosophy at Emerge is “speed to lead” to achieve immediate responsiveness and to build the relationship between you and the prospective student before competitors have the chance.

Student Success

From GED to PhD, Emerge is committed to the long-term success of each student regardless of where they are in their education journey.

Student support personnel work from a university-specific student support timeline that allows for timely and proactive communication via phone, chat, and email to enrolled students at critical points during each term.


Average student retention rate for all programs

We believe in strong retention practices from admission through graduation to better ensure student success.

Following a proven, proactive, and prevention-based approach, we deliver personalized, retention-focused support to each and every online student.