In academic hot water? Public sanction doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

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Our former SACSCOC trustee shares his experience that will help your institution get back on track. 

Let’s be honest, the consequences of being on public sanction or being required to provide Monitoring Reports from SACSCOC are serious and time consuming and can have serious consequences for the future of your College or University. However, with the appropriate expertise and guidance, your institution can get back on track and address the issues and implement internal procedures to prevent this dynamic from ever happening again. Responding to a public sanction such as Warning or Probation is a long and involved process culminating in a Focused Report where the institution states its cases in a Focused Report. The process leading to the development of the Focused Report requires experience and focus. Our firm has the experience to assist you through the process and in developing the Focused Report.

There is no doubt, a public sanction negatively impacts the reputation of the institution, regardless of its history.  It is critical that institutional leadership and trustees respond immediately and decisively to address the underlying issues and actions that led to sanction.

Some of the causes leading to public sanction or Monitoring Reports are not easily addressed, such as those related to finance, institutional effectiveness, and faculty resources.  Other causes include lax reporting policies and inadequate internal controls. Whatever the cause, there is no substitute for experience in dealing with these crisis situations.

Emerge Education’s accreditation expert has led higher education institutions both public and private out of these situations successfully and can effectively assist your institution. Often those in leadership are not the same ones responsible for the current situation. Emerge understands this dynamic and is experienced in dealing with the past to allow the institution to focus on the future.

If your institution is facing a sanction, it can be invaluable to have a partner who will work with you confidentially and candidly. Our Vice President of Accreditation, Dr. Drake, has worked with several such institutions and is ready to be your partner. Dr. Drake is a proven problem solver who will know how to find solutions that will give SACSCOC the confidence needed to lift the sanction and return your institution to good standing.

Contact Jim Hunter today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Drake to discuss how Emerge can partner with your institution to address all of your accreditation needs.

Dr. William B. Drake
Senior VP for Accreditation

Emerge’s accreditation preparedness audit & consulting team is led by Dr. Drake, a former SACSCOC Trustee, and College President who has chaired and served on over 27 SACSCOC Committees and 15 National Accreditation Committees.

James M. Hunter, PhD
Chief Academic Officer
Executive Vice President for Business Development

Jim has 20 years of experience at the administration level within higher education institutions. He now uses that experience to help connect higher education institutions with solutions that allow them to move from surviving to thriving as the Chief Academic Officer and Executive Vice President for Business Development at Emerge Education.