We believe in strong retention practices from admission through graduation to better ensure student success.

We provide services to your students using prevention-based retention methodologies, frequent and personal contact with students, and a knowledge of the student life-cycle.

How We Work

Emerge ensures the market viability of your online programs through market research and program assessments in 5 key areas: degree demand, search volume, occupational demand, competitor landscape, identification of future opportunities.

Across all institutions and programs Emerge has achieved an average retention rate of:


Academic Commitment

Emerge’s Student Success Team supports both students and faculty, handling administrative and logistical needs for both. They also reach out to students who may be absent from their courses to respond to their scheduling, personal, and logistical needs as well as students who have dropped, withdrawn, or failed to register to encourage them to re-enroll in the program.

We are committed to maintaining high retention rates (e.g., >85% in graduate programs) and graduation rates. To that end, our retention processes meticulously measure and track key retention indicators (e.g., missed assignments, poor grades, low participation rates) and build support strategies around each stage of the student life-cycle.

We find the “right” student for the right program

On-demand faculty support that increases student satisfaction and retention rates


Students are supported every step of the way on their academic journey

The “At-Risk” Student



  • When a student has not logged into their course for a certain number of days
  • A student who frequently calls technical support
  • A student with a serious personal crisis or life-changing situation (e.g., self-illness, family illness or death, promotion, job loss, new job, pregnancy)
  • Someone who has performed poorly on a previous course
  • Even mild situations, such as textbooks that have not arrived, are considered potential barriers to student success

“At-risk” indicators are developed on a program-by-program basis. If a student is flagged as “at-risk,” they are moved to that category in our student communication plan resulting in immediate attention from a member of the Emerge retention team, who will reach out and provide coaching, guidance, and follow-up to help them through whatever situation they may be encountering.

Students that are struggling academically, will receive coaching and will be directed to any remedial resources that the university, school, or instructor may have available (e.g., live office hours, tutoring centers, remedial content).

The student retention team will communicate with your instructors and key program stakeholders to notify them in these situations.

Student concerns are regular topics for weekly cross-functional team calls that include academic representatives.

Emerge is committed to the online readiness of each online student.

We work hard to get quality students enrolled in your online programs and we want to ensure that each student is prepared for success and is comfortable in their new online learning environment.