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Our former SACSCOC trustee shares his expertise on preparing effective compliance documentation. 

Many Presidents are faced with the dilemma of elevating or assigning staff with little or no experience with writing narratives or providing documentation for Compliance Certification, Fifth Year Reports, and other types of SACSCOC documents. This is due in part to the significant number of persons entering retirement in higher education today.

Understanding what is expected by SACSCOC to demonstrate compliance is usually developed through years of experience working directly with SACSCOC through several accreditation/reaffirmation cycles.  Emerge Education is offering to share their expertise garnered through many years of working with SACSCOC and serving on dozens of accreditation committees with your institution to train your administrators and faculty in preparing effective compliance documents.

For example, our Senior VP of Accreditation, Dr. William B. Drake, Jr. has chaired many types of Committees and reviewed thousands of compliance documents. Dr. Drake understands not only how to write to demonstrate compliance, but also the style institutions must use. The goal is to make it easy for the SACSCOC committee to agree with your narrative and the better you do that, the easier your accreditation/reaffirmation process will go.

Emerge Education is prepared to meet this need through a one-day, highly focused seminar with Dr. Drake. Our seminar offers your institution key insights into the following topics:

How to write concise and clear narratives that address the totality of the Core Requirement, Comprehensive Standard, and Federal Requirements.

  1. How to provide documentation that bolsters each narrative making a strong case for compliance with each Core Requirement, Comprehensive Standard, and Federal Requirement.
  2. How to utilize our proprietary narratives and sample documents.

Following our intensive training seminar, participants will:

  1. Understand the mindset of those who read Off-site, On-site, Substantive Change, and Special Committee Reports in order to better understand how to prepare documents.
  2. Receive sample documents to allow them to tailor their narratives according to committee expectations.
  3. Understand how to create an accurate timeline for the development of a SACSCOC report.
  4. Understand the correlation between narratives and documentation with examples provided.

Preparing SACSCOC reports can be a daunting task without expert advice and guidance. Contact Jim Hunter today to learn more about preparing your SACSCOC documents or to schedule your customized on-campus seminar with our SACSCOC expert.

2b1f967Dr. William B. Drake
Senior VP for Accreditation

Emerge’s accreditation preparedness audit & consulting team is led by Dr. Drake, a former SACSCOC Trustee, and College President who has chaired and served on over 27 SACSCOC Committees and 15 National Accreditation Committees.

jimJames M. Hunter, PhD
Chief Academic Officer
Executive Vice President for Business Development

Jim has 20 years of experience at the administration level within higher education institutions. He now uses that experience to help connect higher education institutions with solutions that allow them to move from surviving to thriving as the Chief Academic Officer and Executive Vice President for Business Development at Emerge Education.