Integrated recruitment strategies executed by experts vested in student and institutional success

Our highly personalized approach to student recruitment focuses on relationship-building, institutional and programmatic expertise, and experiential marketing. We get to the root of why a student wants to return to school, then work with them to eliminate obstacles and give them the tools and confidence to reach their goals. 

In our partnership with your institution, the journey from a student’s ‘request for information’ to ‘enrolled student’ looks like this:

How Caroline Becomes an Online Student at Your Institution

Caroline fills out the Request for Information (RFI) at

Our average response to RFI’s is 2 hours, and includes a data-driven variety of communication, including text messages, email, and good old-fashioned phone calls (across days/times of day to ensure an optimum contact rate) 

Your Institution’s recruitment team (we diligently search out and hire the best recruitment matches for your brand) sends Caroline a few questions to start learning about her motivation to earn her degree

Getting to know the student is of paramount importance to successful enrollment and student retention

We go the extra mile, every time

Caroline, like most of her peers, has obstacles to overcome in this process. We help identify and eliminate those obstacles, empowering Caroline to achieve her goals from start to finish.

Caroline applies, is accepted, and is personally transitioned to our Student Success Team to ensure she is enrolled and ready to start (and finish) strong as a student at Your Institution.

This is so much more than a sales process for us; we are committed to Caroline and to Your Institution, ensuring that Caroline achieves her goal of graduating