Increase student retention through motivation and empowerment.

The Keys to Graduation: Connection, Motivation, Empowerment

The relationship between our Student Success coaches and their students begins the very moment they are congratulated on their acceptance to your institution. The connection is made,  establishing a motivating, empowering environment in which students know they are both supported and capable of success. Their coach also builds a relationship with the faculty, ensuring that students have a full understanding of, and connection to, their path to graduation. 

Through a student’s preferred method of communication, their Student Success coach will help them through each step of their academic journey by: ​

  • Building a relationship with both the student and the faculty
  • Eliminating obstacles to success like understanding technology, ordering books, and more
  • Monitoring student progress throughout their academic journey (including submission of discussion posts, assignments, test scores, etc.)
  • Ensuring students have access to the resources they need to stay engaged throughout their degree program
  • Increasing communication with students who become at-risk
  • Sharing helpful tips through email, text, calls, and videos, ensuring students have many ways to access to information and stay motivated

Student Success Coaches communicate with students via phone, text, email, and even video to ensure students are supported across the stages of both their educational experiences and personal lives.